Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sports Games

Two strong recommendations today.

First, I've been playing The Golf Club (PC version for me, but also available for Xbone and PS4) again, and it is much improved. The courses are beautiful, the animation is excellent, and there some course elements (like wind) that they have absolutely nailed. 

Putting is much better, although at times it still feels a bit stiff. Chipping is the one aspect of the game that still feels a bit clunky, but so much else has significantly improved.

Plus, there are now over 2,000 user-made courses available.

Oh, one more thing. Single play is available now, so you can play a round by yourself, and you can play it in less than 30 minutes.

If you enjoy golf games but haven't played one in a while, this is a very, very good choice.

We downloaded Super Mega Baseball (PS4, $19.99) today and it is absolutely fun. Bright, colorful graphics, strong animation and sound effects, and excellent control schemes all meld into a very strong game, particularly for under $20. Plus there's a season mode with player progression, which is impressive for a lower-profile title.

If you want a baseball game, but don't want the complexity of The Show, this is lighter far that is done extremely well.

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