Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eli 13.10 In Net

It's been quite a while (years, I guess) since I actually showed you video of Eli 13.10 playing in goal.

I'm very crappy about taking video, because it takes me out of watching, and it never seems to be quite the right time to take it, etc.

Last weekend, though, for once, I finally took some video of him during a drill.

Here's the setup. The three kids shooting are from 15-17 years of age. The kid in yellow (who is a great kid, and the other two shooters are as well) is huge, as you can see, and he shoots with the power of an adult.

Here's how the drill works: one of the three shooters takes a shot, then the other two rush the net. In other words, if you give up a rebound in this drill, you get killed.

This video shows Eli doing almost everything: stick saves (directed to corners), blocker saves (directed to corner), glove saves, you name it.

The objective of a goalie during a game is not just to make saves. Their high-level objective is to make "safe" saves: catch, corner, or cover. A glove save is a catch, or the puck can be directed into a corner (no shots possible from there), or cover or trap the puck for a face-off.

Here's the video, and it will be more fun to watch if you enlarge it to full-screen size. It's easier to see the shot speed that way.

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