Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Links!

From Matt Kreuch, and this is a very, very large shark: Largest great white shark ever videotaped underwater?

From Marc Klein, and this is a remarkable story: Larry Sanders Walked Away From the NBA and $27 Million, and He’s Never Felt Better.

Remember those toilet swirling videos from last week? Thanks to Ian Tyrrell, you can now see them synced and side-by-side: The Truth About Toilet Swirl.

From Steven Davis, and these are very poignant: Remembering World War 1 | Remembrance Weekend | Some of Britain's finest actors read poetry from World War I. Next, and this is quite fantastic, it's Students Build Pedal-Powered Wooden Monowheel. Next, and this is stunning, it's Incredible Balloon Sculptures of Animals and Insects by Masayoshi Matsumoto. One more, and this is fascinating: Process: How to Hand-Carve Mahjong Tiles. Wait, there's even one more, and it's astonishing: A Self-Folding Origami Robot That Can Walk, Climb, Dig, Carry, Swim and Dissolve into Nothing.

From Ted, and this is outstanding: Chris Hadfield's 'Most Canadian Music Video Ever' Is So Darn Nice.

From Sirius, and this is absolutely fascinating: The Mystery of the Margate Shell Grotto. Also, and this is outstanding, it's Newly Identified 'Hellboy' Dinosaur Sported Unique Horns, Scientists Say.

From DQ Reader My Wife, and this is a fantastic read: Your Memory is Like the Telephone Game.

From 3Suns, and this is both interesting and frightening: SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines.

From Chris Pencis, and this is another excellent bit of xkcd: Up Goer Five. Next, and this is clever parody: Space Weird Thing.

From Mike Gilbert, and this is both tremendously sad and very profound: This Animated Data Visualization Of World War II Fatalities Is Shocking.

This is a very good dog: Service Dog Throws Self In Front Of Bus To Save Blind Owner's Life.

This is an incredible story, but it's also intense and painful to read: More Than 80 People Died In A Single Racing Crash 60 Years Ago Today.

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