Monday, August 31, 2015

A Tremendously Interesting Writing Project

DQ VB.NET Advisor Garret Rempel is basically good at everything, as far as I can tell. Remember, he's the one who drafted blueprints and built a wooden playscape for his kids. And he's a great teacher, based on all the things about VB.NET that he's taught me.

Well, he's also a writer, and he's working on an experimental writing project that is tremendously compelling (I've read what he's written so far, which are the first three chapters). And he's publishing as he writes, which is far, far braver than I've ever been. You can read a description below, and it is well worth your time.

Scientists at a particle accelerator research facility are working to unlock the mysteries of non-causal communication, sending information and objects backwards through time. At the apex of their ultimate experiment, a nuclear explosion rips through the facility laying waste to the region and killing tens of thousands. TIMESPLICE is a sci-fi mystery that unfolds the trail of physical evidence tied to those scientists as they navigate through the time stream of their own experiment. Following and using the clues sent to them by their future selves, they rush towards a tragedy in their past that has not yet happened.

TIMESPLICE is being published online for free at with new additions every Monday morning. The complete Chapter 1 is already available. And if you would like to read ahead, TIMESPLICE has also been submitted to a contest sponsored by Nerdist ( at Inkshares ( The top 5 pre-ordered books will be published in hard copy. By signing up for an account at Inkshares you get a $5 credit towards a pre-order (which are $9.99) and like Kickstarter, if the book doesn't get funded you don't pay anything. Members who pre-order TIMESPLICE ( will get access to advance chapters, long before they are published on my website. And if the book gets fully funded you will also get a physical copy of it when its done too!

I hope you enjoy this work, it is not written in a traditional narrative, but is presented in a manner similar to evidence exhibits at a trial - allowing the reader to consider and construct their own narrative of events that fits the evidence much as a prosecutor or defense attorney would do for a judge or jury.
 GARRET REMPEL graduated with a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and has been a Technology Consultant with MNP ever since. He has been an avid computer nerd since his parents brought home an Amiga 500 when he was six and has never looked back. He has been a voracious reader since he was a child, with a keen interest in fiction, science, technology, and current affairs.

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