Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Yes, It's A Complete Madhouse Around Here

Fredrik is finishing the new trailer in the morning. He's been working on it almost all day.

I found a pixel player running in the wrong direction tonight (long story). Fixed a few very small bugs today. Actually created the build, but now I'll have to create another one when the pixel player image points in the correct direction.

So 1.3 will go out sometime tomorrow morning.

All the Steam marketing materials have to be replaced with the new versions. Then I have to finish the press release and write personal e-mails to 700 websites. Not exaggerating the number of websites, either. If I can do 50 a day, I can do it all in two weeks.

Oh, and I'm dropping the price to $7.99.

Marketing? Yes, I learned my lesson. I'm going to go at it very hard.

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