Monday, November 16, 2015

There Must Be A Key To The Strawberries

It's driving me crazy.

I have desktop speakers that are just amazing: Audioengine A5+ Powered Book Shelf Speakers.

Overkill for the desktop? Yes, but I love listening to music when I write, plus games sound utterly ridiculous. Couldn't be happier.

Until a few months ago, anyway. That's when I started getting interference from a CB radio or HAM radio operator.

The first time it happened, the speakers weren't playing anything at the time. Suddenly, I heard a good ol' boy talking through the speakers. Slightly distorted, but I could make out some of what he was saying.

Easy fix, right? Not so fast. Long web searches revealed only one technical fix--adding ferrite cores in the right places. They don't always work, though, and they didn't work for me, unfortunately.

This is apparently not an entirely uncommon problem. And I tried to drive around the neighborhood and find a giant antenna or something, but no luck.

This fellow doesn't talk all the time. When it starts, though, it's so jarring, and so frustrating, and he can go on for a good while. Being hijacked does not feel good.

Today he was talking to one of his buddies and thanked him for the strawberries.

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