Monday, December 14, 2015

A Just Cause 3 Mod Holiday Wish List

Just Cause 3 has really, really grown on me, 20+ hours in and it's entirely fun.

The forced leaderboard notifications are still a very bad piece of design. Very bad. Get past that, though, and all that delightful destruction seems downright whimsical at times.

High camp, and high fun.

However, there's one feature I'd pay to see (even though very few other people would, probably).

What I want to see is a simple strategy layer on top of the game that can influence territorial control. A bit of ebb and flow.

Political negotiations.

Maybe if Rico doesn't visit a city for a certain number of days, the rebel control of a city starts to erode. Factions emerge.

So you're not just ceaselessly marching toward control of more territories (even though that's a ton of fun). There's a back and forth, like a real revolution.

One other possibility. What if Rico goes to liberate a city and the rebels themselves rebel against him?

The strategic layer could be very simple. A certain number of action points depending on the number of provinces you control. Simple actions: negotiate, infiltrate, other words ending in "-ate".

An example: an infiltration of an enemy province is successful. Because of that, the spy is successful in destroying all satellite communications infrastructure just as Rico arrives.

In other news, flying with the wingsuit is amazing. Just amazing.

I've also had some spectacular deaths while I learned how to use the tether (which you use when you're dropping perilously close to the ground to give you more velocity). Examples:
--high speed, into a tree trunk.
--very high speed, right into the ground.
--high speed, into a city building.
--very high speed, directly into the side of a mountain.

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