Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fast Cafe

The Rocky Mountain Development Camp took place at the Utah Olympic Oval in a suburb of Salt Lake City.

There was a snack bar there called "Fast Cafe."

They have the best snack bar signage ever:

That is quality.

The other thing about this snack bar is that it was, by far, the best rink snack bar I've ever seen. Chicken teriyaki bowl? Check, and it was delicious. Pulled pork sandwich? Check, and it was also delicious. Everything we ate at this place was fantastic.

Running the place was this soft-spoken guy who said he'd been doing it for 12 years. He legitimately cared about the quality of the place--a snack bar artisan, if you will--and his commitment really stood out.

Here's to you, craftsman of snacks.

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