Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, and this article is both mammoth and compulsively readable, it's Lionhead: The inside story.

From Matt, and this is hilarious: Police to drug users: Stop calling Steve the dealer; we have his phone.

From Steven Davis, and this is fascinating: If You Are What You Eat, America Is Allrecipes: The nation’s most popular recipe site reveals the enormous gap between foodie culture and what people actually cook. Next, and I did not see this coming: VIRTUAL WEAPONS ARE TURNING TEEN GAMERS INTO SERIOUS GAMBLERS. Next, and let me warn you that this story is kind of disgusting, but very interesting as well: A BITTER PILL Josiah Zayner’s gut was making his life hell — so he embarked on an extreme DIY fecal transplant.

From C. Lee, and this is quite amazing: Getting the pulse racing: A cleaner, sharper way to weld and shape metals. This is an excellent read: Primate fate: Chinese fossils illuminate key evolutionary period. Yeah, this crap is happening now: Ivy League economist ethnically profiled, interrogated for doing math on American Airlines flight.

From Daniel Willhite, and this is a remarkable story: Cthulhu Company Kickstarted Itself to Death, Then This Happened.

From Wally, and this seems ill-advised: Chainsaw Blender. Next, and this seem seriously useful, it's How to find out everything Google knows about you. Next, and this is somehow wrong and yet so funny: People In Toronto Created A Memorial To A Dead Raccoon After The City Forgot To Pick It Up. This is entirely outstanding (DQ Film Advisor And Nicest Guy In The World Ben Ormand alert): Paramount Studios' 1927 Map for International Shooting Locations in California.

From Jim Bradley, and this is 100% awesome: 100 Year Old Breaks World Record.

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