Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oculus Rift: The Indifference

It should be an indication of how much we've been using Oculus Rift that it's taken me weeks to write this.

That's not a terminal disapproval or anything; time and life and what have gotten into the way. But I both find Oculus Rift extremely compelling and not worth bothering with very often at the same time.

Eli 14.9 is the same way, although he has finals this week and studying is mostly what he's doing now. Well, except for goofing around on a track last Friday and running an 11.6 100 meters (with a truly terrible start, too).

Truly, I don't have one substantial complaint about OR. The retail package is totally slick. The installation (for me) was terrible, but no one else seems to have had that experience. The games themselves have been quite impressive. In a few cases (Apollo 11 VR, in particular), I've been truly awed.

Still, though, I'm not using it much.

For Eli, the awe experience was with The Climb, and he played it for several nights in a row. Then he, too, just fell off and kind of forgot about it all.

So it's puzzling, really. I find nothing factual to complain about, but I'm still not compelled, even though I feel like I should be.

I'll keep you updated as I try out new programs over the next few months. Maybe I just need one in particular to really grab me.

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