Tuesday, April 18, 2017

MLB 17: The Show (Update)

This lighting issue is quite baffling.

Here are a couple of pictures that (not terribly well)illustrate what I'm talking about. The first one is the actual batting view:

Like I said previously, there a a ton of different lighting conditions, but for all minor league parks (haven't reached the majors yet), but early in the game, almost all of them are dark to some degree. 

However, if the game cuts to a quick flavor bit, the lighting is much better:

That was on the same at-bat as the first picture, and it's a totally usable lighting level. So why is the batting view so freaking dark in comparison?

That's not even the darkest lighting that I see. It's even worse at times, and it generally doesn't get better until the late innings when the lights are fully on. 

On rainy days, though, the lighting is fine. So this is appears to be a case of the developers falling in love with the many levels of sunlight, but somehow misapplying them to the game. 

Also, like I said, quite a few of these lighting levels look like ass. They don't showcase the game. It's both a bug and a design mistake.

Now, it's possible that this is only an issue for people with PS4 Pros. It might even only be a problem for people using the PS4 Pro with 1080P screens.  

Whatever it is, though, it's annoying as hell.

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