Wednesday, August 16, 2017


There are a few cleanup stories from goalie camp that I haven't gotten around.

I had to do laundry twice in five days, because when there are two ice sessions and two dry land workouts in a day, the number of clothes Eli 16.0 goes through is just unbelievable.

The hotel (which is our absolute favorite) had laundry facilities, but those facilities consisted of one washer and one dryer. For several hundred people.

Tuesday night, I was able to finally get Eli's clothes washed, but there was going to be over an hour wait for the dryer, so I just grabbed everything and headed back upstairs.

"No dryer," I said.

"How are the clothes going to get dry?" Eli asked.

I looked at him. And smiled. And waited.

"Oh, no," he said. "Not--not--the Lasko Vortex!"

"V 3," I said. "And I'm totally impressed that you remembered the name."

"Remember? How could I forget?" he said.

The angle on the picture is misleading, because it makes it almost look like the fan was on the ground. It was actually leaning against off the ground at about a thirty-five degree angle, which mean the airflow was blasting up and into the clothes that were hanging up in the closet. 

And it worked, too. Almost everything Eli wears on these trips is either goalie clothing or some form of Dry-Fit, and it all dried overnight with no problem.

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