Thursday, September 21, 2017


I've been discovering lately that price has almost literally no meaning anymore.

It's an ephemeral thing, seemingly changing by the minute. Airlines have always done this, but Amazon has put so much pricing pressure to bear that everyone has to respond.

As a result, I've almost developed a small amount of discipline when it comes to buying things, just because the savings are frequently 40% or more.

This started off, believe it or not, because of the Steam wishlist. I just put games on the list, and when they had a significant discount and I was notified, I felt like a kid opening up a present.

Last week, after watching the Logitech Harmony Smart Control for a few weeks, I saw a one-day sale on Amazon where it was almost half off. Bought it, and it's terrific.

It's not just electronics, either. It's clothing and sporting equipment and everything else.

If you're not doing this, but you want to save a ton of money, keep your eyes on Amazon and Slickdeals, plus if you read Deadspin or any of the Gawker sites, they list deals all the time.

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