Monday, October 02, 2017

Just add water

Weekend games in Pittsburgh. Stupid tired when this conversation happened.

"It was a good loss," I said. "Might even go up in the rankings."

"Small constellation," Eli 16.2 said.

"Did you just say 'small constellation'?" I asked.

"Small 'consolation'," Eli said. "Consolation."

"That's too bad, because 'small constellation' has all kinds of joke potential," I said.

"It has no potential," Eli said.

"You're wrong," I said.

"Tell me a joke," Eli said. "Right now. Go."

"Two astronomers walk into a bar," I said, "and the first astronomer says, 'I can't believe I thought I discovered a new star system.'

'Well,' said the second astronomer, 'at least they named a few of the stars after you.'

'Small constellation,' said the first astronomer."

It's not even that funny, but Eli laughed so hard he couldn't stop for a long time. Which made me start laughing so hard that I couldn't stop, either.

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