Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I hope we can all agree that this is a bad idea: 

A lovely sunset, and even prettier in person:

We played pickleball last week, and on the courts beside us, there was a bicycle polo tournament going on. 

I had no idea that was a thing. 

Based on our cursory observations, I believe there is a significant crossover between bicycle polo and roller derby:

This is quite a lot of dough:

We found a vintage candy store in Pittsburgh (it found us, really), and they had old packs of Topps Hockey cards from 1990:

Of course, the first thing I did after we looked through the cards was pull out the gum. 

I held it up.
"You are NOT going to eat that," Eli 16.2 said. 

"Are you kidding?" I asked. "This gum is twenty-seven years old. I have to eat it."

I popped it into my mouth and started chewing. 

"Well, how is it?" Eli asked, laughing. 

"Hmm," I said. "It basically just dissolves into a powder. There's a bit of flavor, but no elasticity."

"I can't believe you ate it," Eli said. "Idiot."

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