Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas (and any other holiday you may or may not celebrate. It's all good here.)

Eli 16.4 was at the rink at 8, working out with his trainer. It's 20F here, with a wind chill of -2F. So much snow has fallen (around eight inches, I think) that I was able to snowshoe in the parking lot for half an hour before my glasses iced over and I was in my own personal whiteout.

No rink picture, but here's my car (which we didn't take) and Eli's car (which we did take).

We opened presents at 6:45 (which reminded me of when he was much younger). Eli's big present this year as a case of Schlotzsky's jalapeno potato chips, which we both love more than life and hadn't had since we moved.

The big news today, besides us clearly being insane, is that Evan (sadly, still missing) now has his own song. Much like the holiday tradition of Rudolph the Headless Reindeer, this song will be sung by families the world over. Sung to the tune of The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire), and please sing along: 
Gift wrapping by an open fire
Evan goes off on his own
What is he doing by himself over there?
No one really knows

Now he's back and full of cheer
His intentions finally known
I'll try to put this gently, my dear,
Evan wrapped a package, his own

So I'm offering this simple song
As a warning to me, and to you
If he's near, please cover your view
Oh Evan
Oh no Evan!
Oh no Evan, not you. 

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