Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Phoenix (part one)

In the upper left of the display, please note the 5F outside temp. That was the temperature in Grand Rapids when we reached the airport. On our horizon? Phoenix, where it was 65F and would be for all four days we were there.

Thank you, hockey.

This was a big showcase, and Eli 16.5s team would be playing the #1 team in the country. We'll get to that.

In the meantime, though, please enjoy Tangent Town.

We stopped at a Starbucks in the airport so Gloria could get some overpriced coffee, and I purchased a slice of banana bread. The clerk (bread artisan? Giver of grains?) picked up a piece of banana bread in a plastic, sealed bag.

Baked fresh on-site? Um, no. Probably shipped in from Banana Bread Town in China.

On the plus side, a sealed package was perfect for a plane flight. Very nice.

So, of course, he proceeded to take the bread out of the plastic bag and slipped it into a Starbucks paper bag, ostensibly to fool no one about where the bread came from. Plus that bag would have soaked through butter stains on it in minutes.

"Clearly, this is the most Starbucks moment ever," I said.

Also in the airport, I found the hot book that everyone is just dying to read:

Oh, yeah. Hell of a page turner.

We were on the same flight as the team, with the highlight being that some guy ran down the aisle past us and threw up.

On Eli.

Partially, at least. So there's another glamorous moment in air travel.

Over the next few days (and this might go all the way into early next week), I will try to answer the following question: how did we go from this (a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single dragon)

to this (not one piece of matching gear)

and finally, to this?

With hopefully many more "to this" in the future.

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