Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Let's Just Run a Little Bit With This Weather Thing

Since it was -10F (not wind chill) this morning when I woke up, let's just extend the weather amazement today.

Storm door: sealed shut with ice.

Gas cap door on car: frozen.

Think maybe people would stay indoors on a day like this?

Think again.

I went to the YMCA. There's a long, long row of lockers (seventy feet, at least), and when I walked past, I looked up and saw this:

Every single space on top of the lockers had pairs of boots, neatly arranged, because people walk in wearing their boots, but carrying their running shoes. And that's not even a quarter of the full width of the lockers (I couldn't move back any farther to take the picture). 

It was very charming, in a way that I can't define.

Here's what the snow path to Eli 16.4s car looks like. 

DQ Reader My Wife dug that, actually. I would have dug a path six inches wide and made Eli use a technique from the Ministry of Silly Walks to get to the curb.

Maybe I can do that next time. 

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