Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Grand Rapids or Kópavogur, Iceland (Episode One)

I read a terrifically interesting article about a murder in Reykjavík, Iceland.

This sent me down a rabbit hole.

For some reason, I wanted to see if there were any American fast food franchises in Reykjavík. There weren't (kudos, Icelanders), but there was a TGIFridays in nearby Kópavogur .

Now I had to find out what it was rated.


Then I had to read the reviews.

As I did, though, a strange and nightmarish awareness grew inside me. I flipped over to Grand Rapids on Google Maps and looked up a TGIFridays north of us.

Score? 3.4.

Then I read the reviews. It confirmed what I feared: I couldn't tell them apart. 

Go ahead, you try. Four of these reviews are from Michigan, and four are from Iceland.
★ 7 months ago
Wow what an awful experience this was.

★ a month ago
Just as a heads up for anyone else who may be dining there. I hope that they can improve this location and find new management.

★ 3 weeks ago
Walked in at 5:15 And was told there was a 20 min. Wait. Looked in at the bar area and there were at least 7 empty tables.

★★ 6 months ago
Waited 10 minutes to be seated. Waited 15 more minutes for a server. Went and got my own drinks from the bar. Waited another 20 for food. There was a maximum of maybe 15 people in the restaurant.

★ a month ago
The staff is awful. Nobody cares about the guests. The food is not bad, but still if you want to get a good service - don’t come here.

★ 4 months ago
The burgers are great if you can ever get your order served. Bad service.

★ 8 months ago
I have been to other Tgi's and been satisfied. But NOT HERE.. the food was soggy and the service was terrible.

★ 7 years ago
Service is really bad

At a minimum, I suggest that TGIFridays adopt a new slogan: "No matter where you are, here you are."

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