Tuesday, April 10, 2018


We went to Boston for two days last week to get a head mold done on Eli 16.10 for a custom mask. If you see a Vaughn mask on an NHL goalie, this is the guy who makes it. He's amazing.

Everything else about the trip was a complete disaster. I'm not kidding when I say it was the single worst trip I've ever taken.

However, I did get some nice pictures.

George (nearing 13.0 now) is a big fan of tissue paper, so before we left, we made sure he had a nice supply:

Leaving with a nice sunrise, before everything went to hell:

Don't email me about portrait mode, because Gloria took the next two pictures:

Here's Eli getting the mold made of his head.

Like I said, the mask maker was an amazing guy, and incredibly generous with his time. The mold only took 15 minutes, but we stayed and talked for an hour. Best story: he still plays in a men's league (as a goalie), and one night two years ago, he took himself out after the second period because he felt like he was getting stabbed in the back.

His friends found him after the game, sitting in the locker room, with a grey face. They called an ambulance, and when the EMT's arrived, it was quickly established that he was having a heart attack.

After he told the story, I asked the obvious question: "Did you leave the game with the lead?" He laughed and said he did, and they won.

He had a heart attack, but got the "W" first. That's the most baller story ever.

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