Thursday, April 05, 2018


I tried a new dessert last weekend.

It had been speculated earlier in the day that this product would either be great or terrible, with nothing possible in-between.

After I ate it, I sent a text to Eli 16.9:

It's a Betty Crocker product called Mug Treats. You mix it in an 8-12 oz. mug, microwave for a minute, and let it sit for two more.

Then, it's done.

The basic premise here seems impossible, because you can't make baked products in a microwave. So I tried the cinnamon roll with historical trepidation, thinking it would take like goo. It was very simple--pour the mix into the mug, then add three tablespoons of milk or water. Stir to mix, then put into the microwave.


I pulled the mug out of the microwave, tilted it toward me--and stared at fluffy, tasty-looking cake.

It tasted just as good as it looked, and there was even an included cream cheese frosting packet.

They have a bunch of other flavors (including chocolate chip cookie, chocolate brownie with fudge, and blueberry muffin), so I'm trying them this week. Just the idea that I can make dessert in a only a few minutes is a real luxury.

Plus, the quantity is great for me. Making a full pan of brownies involves a mixer with beaters, milk, eggs, a huge mixing bowl, and a huge pan. That's a lot of crap to clean up, and you also have to monitor the oven.

With this, you clean up a mug and a spoon.

There are only a few places to get this right now, but they're big: Wal-Mart, HEB (in the southwest), Meijer (in Michigan).

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