Wednesday, April 25, 2018


My plan yesterday was to wipe my For The King saves and start the game from the beginning, then write up a guide for your first two hours, but I couldn't get the Lore Store to reset, which meant I had access to all kinds of characters, items, and events not available to a new player.

Still trying to figure out how to wipe it, but in the meantime, making a quick run through the forums revealed that there are some annoying bugs (that I never even saw in earlier builds) that need to be tidied up, so I'm probably going to wait for the first patch.

Plan B was to play BattleTech for two hours and give first impressions, but it's apparently also a bit rough and in need of a patch. BattleTech appears to have every single thing I want in a game, so I'm hoping that first patch comes out sooner than later.

Two things coming, then, in the short term, and I'm working on something else for later today,

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