Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Clearly, this is fertile soil for metaphors, but this post is 100% metaphor free. Starting now.

We were on our way to Eastern Pennsylvania, about twenty minutes from our hotel. I saw a sign at the edge of the road.

"Wait, what did that say?" I asked.

"Runaway something," Eli 16.11 said.

It was a sign just like this:

This particular section of Eastern Pennsylvania had some very steep road grades, and in particular, a long stretch of curving, steep sections. We saw at least half a dozen of these on our way into town.

We'd never seen one before, and it's particularly scary to think about trucks needing to use this as a bailout. That ramp is incredibly steep, and it's also sand, just to slow down a vehicle even more. 

The ramp in the picture is a gravity arrest ramp. There are multiple types, and here's a good explanation: Runaway Truck Ramp.

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