Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday Links!

Well, out of nowhere, a huge week for links. Enjoy.

Leading off, a wonderful and intricate article: How Players Used Shotguns to Tear Open the Fabric of Reality in 'Spelunky'.

Jesus! 'You guys might think I'm crazy': Diary of US 'missionary' reveals last days in remote island.

From Steven Davis, and it's certainly something: 21 Classic Images Of Japanese Fart Battles From The 19th Century.

From Wally, and this is both alarming and fascinating: Rise of the Manipulation Platforms. This is very useful: NPR’s Book Concierge. This is absolutely terrifying, but with a twist: The godfather of fake news. This is a truly enjoyable read (also, I miss really good barbecue): On The Road With RL Reeves Jr: Blue Door Smokehouse In Lexington, Kentucky. Ah, memories: First encounter: COMPUTE! magazine and its glorious, tedious type-in code. This is very useful info (about fireproof safes): A lesson re-learned from disaster.

From C. Lee, and it's terrific: The Hobo Hieroglyphs: Their Secret Symbols, Explained. Amusing: Oxford’s Library Once Branded Its Sauciest Books With a Greek Letter. This is absolutely remarkable: Meet Zora, the Robot Caregiver. Ah, Japan: 'I hire a man to pretend to be my daughter’s dad - and she doesn't know'. Incredible: The Costs of the Confederacy. This is quite incredible: The first journey of an aircraft with an ion drive. And a story about the man who made the ion engines for Japan's Hayabusa probes: Hitoshi Kuninaka: Never Say No to a Challenge. This will leave you speechless: Children of North Korean Mothers Find More Hardship in the South.

From Geoff Engelstein, and this is just amazing: How One Murder Could Reshape Oklahoma.

From Steven Davis, and this is a terrific read: Peeling Back the Paint to Discover Bruegel’s Secrets.

Finally, closing up this week, remember that riveting story about the hamburger restaurant last week? Well, maybe not so much: Did a Rave Review Really Shut Down Portland Burger Bar Stanich’s? Maybe It Was the Owner’s Legal Troubles.

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