Tuesday, December 04, 2018


[Just a note. Everything I'm writing now is time-shifted, for various reasons that will eventually be revealed. So this blizzard (to me) happened last week.]

A winter storm dumped about six inches of snow on us overnight.

When we first got here, that was magical. Now, it's logistical.

Get out and snowshoe for forty-five minutes. Nothing's plowed yet, so just walk through the neighborhood. Snowshoeing is very Zen, to me, and it's relaxing even as it's demanding.

Come back. Start all three cars to start windshields defrosting. Clear the snow off all of them. Almost fall half a dozen times, because you can't turn in showshoes without thinking first (I don't). Do some cursory shoveling, then surrender.

When the cars are clear, go run a few errands, then drop by the grocery store for essential, emergency supplies:
Dr. Pepper 10
Ginger beer
Shoestring potatoes

Of course, by the time I walk out of the grocery store, the snow's stopped. Show's over. Now it melts and everything will be slippery as hell until it's gone.

Still kinda magical, though.

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