Monday, January 28, 2019


"Mom, where are my gloves?" Eli 17.6  is going out to play spikeball with his friends. In a foot of snow.

"Look in the hat bin," Gloria says.

"We have a hat bin?" I ask. I've only lived here for three years.

"I thought they were in the closet," Eli says. "Why would they be in the hat bin?"

"I think I put them there last week," Gloria says.

"Wait," I say. "If gloves are being put in the hat bin, shouldn't it be renamed 'the Hat and Glove bin'?"

"Oh, here they are," Eli says. "They were in the Hat and Glove bin." He walks downstairs, then comes back up, now wearing a jacket.

"I hope you didn't get that out of the Hat and Glove bin," I say. "Or we have another issue."

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