Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dice Portsmouth

I saw this Kickstarter campaign almost five years ago:
Board game cafés are opening all around the world - yet there is still nothing similar on the South Coast of England. We want to bring this fantastic concept to Portsmouth and provide people with an exciting and new environment to socialise!

I have no idea why this struck such a cord with me--"cafe" and "socialize" are strange words to me--but there was something about the general enthusiasm of the pitch that I appreciated, so I backed the project.

The projected opening was December 2015.

From that point on, it seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong. The building search was endless, and on multiple occasions, when finding a suitable location, someone else swooped in at the last minute instead and took it away.

Update after update, talking about a location and how it didn't work out. It got to the point that even I was discouraged for these guys.

And yet, they persevered.

They got their building: Three years on: Dice Portsmouth find their home in Albert Road. They got some nice press coverage: Delight for families as board games cafe Dice opens in Southsea’s Albert Road. Finally, after an inconceivable amount of effort, and the building fully renovated, they're open.

They also have a website: Dice Portsmouth.

I have so much respect for people who refuse to be defeated.

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