Monday, January 14, 2019

Lacrosse Player or Professional Bull Rider?

We were watching golf, and there was a commercial break, so naturally, we turned to professional bull riding.

We both saw it at the same.

"WHAT?" I shouted.

"That did NOT just happen!" Eli 17.5 shouted. "That bull JUKED!"

That bull--"American Pride," I believe--did indeed juke. We watched it over and over again, and it was just as stunning the fifth time as the first.

It was stunning to the rider, too, because he fell right off.

A few minutes, a name flashed across the screen.

"Wait, that guy should be a lacrosse player," I said.

Eli laughed. "That is actually true."

This merited further investigation, so I researched both professional bull riders and lacrosse players, and have a compiled a list of ten. Who is a bull rider, and who is a lacrosse player?
1. River Stephenson
2. Colten Jesse
3. Coleton Greninger
4. Hunter Salter
5. Tanner Bothwell
6. Dakota Buttar
7. Thor Hoefer II
8. Gannon Ivy
9. Chandler Blownds
10. Daylen Swearingen

Answers tomorrow.

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