Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thursday, In Which I Still Wish I Was Talking About Burger King

The Panasonic VT50 Plasma (2012) needs replacing.

It wasn't the best plasma ever made (Pioneer Kuro), but it was close. And it's been spectacular, but after seven years, it's starting to lose light output to a significant degree.

Replacing a TV is easy, right?

Not so fast, my friend. Upgrading creates a nightmare of dominoes. 

First off, we can't get an OLED (damn it), because the lighting and usage in the family room are utterly abusive, so an LCD is the only reasonable choice.

I found an LCD I could live with.

Here's the process:
--buy LCD
--buy multiple certified hi-speed HDMI cables
--buy new 4k Blu-Ray player and install (be sure it's compatible with soundbar)
--reprogram Harmony remote to work with new LCD
--calibrate new LCD
--upgrade DirecTV receiver to 4K
--buy new stand because legs on LCD don't fit on stand
--build new stand
--run Ethernet cable through house down to router (it's quite a ways) because wi-fi is garbage for streaming 4k consistently

I'm probably leaving five things out, at least.

So I was at Best Buy, finding out I had to go 20 minutes to another Best Buy because only they had it in stock, and then I pulled on one of these threads and my confidence sweater began to unravel.

Now I'm just huddled in the upgrade corner, weeping.

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