Tuesday, July 02, 2019

You Should Have Seen the Holiday Advertising Campaign

"Oh, sure, I'll eat at Noodles and Co.," I said to Eli 17.11. "I had a salad a few weeks ago that was fantastic."

I ordered the fantastic salad. "This salad has corn and avocado," I said. "That really puts it over the top."

The salad arrived.

I had a few bites but something wasn't quite right. I investigated. "This salad actually has zero corn and zero avocado," I said.

Eli laughed.

An employee came by. "Hi," I said. "Could I get some avocado and corn? My salad didn't have any." She apologized profusely.

A few minutes, she came back. "I"m really sorry, but we're out of corn and avocado," she said. "Could I bring you some of our other ingredients?"

"Thanks, but I guess it's okay," I said. Really, it wasn't.

I looked at Eli. "We are literally out of everything in this salad except lettuce," I said. He burst out laughing.

I thought about it later. Do salads come with season passes, or DLC? Maybe this was an F2P salad, and I needed to grind for hours to get those ingredients if I wasn't going to buy salad coins.

This salad was barely an alpha.

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