Thursday, November 21, 2019

Costume Count 2019

I'm sorry that this took so long. My back was down for the count, and it took quite a while to get to the point where I could sit at the keyboard long enough to do the compilation.

What Costume Count 2019 will most be remembered for is weather. It was awful.

In Grand Rapids, it was 30F and snowing with 40+ wind gusts. This was not even unusual, as everyone else from the Midwest who reported mentioned very similar weather. "Winter coat" thus became a very popular costume this year.

It was so bad that I saw a parent holding her child under her arm like an unwieldy bag of groceries, running from house to house.

So 391 total costumes reported this year, which is less than half as many as usual. Weather, plus I did a poor job of reminding you this year. I'll be better in 2020.

Locations (from east to west, but without consulting a map, so maybe not so good):
Huntsville, Alabama
Toronto, Ontario (2)
East Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois
St. Paul, Minnesota
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Oregon

Top Ten (with ties):
12 Princess
10 Batman
10 Ninja
10 Spiderman
9  Vampire
8  Mario
8  Witch
7  Cat
7  Clown
6  M&M
6  Wonder Woman

I feel like we're making progress as a society when Wonder Women are gaining on Princesses. That feels like a very good thing.

More on Monday.

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