Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Through the Mirror

I have an enormous amount of empathy for extroverts right now.

Shelter in place is kind of my wheelhouse. I work out with Eli 18.7 every day, we hang out, it's almost totally fine.

I'm okay with not enough. I'm not okay with too much. That's why I'm in introvert.

If I was forced to go out to a club every night and be in a crowd with fifty strangers, though, I'd be so stressed out I could barely breathe. Especially if you told me I had to do it every night for a month.

I figure that's kind of how extroverts feel right now. Their whole lives are centered around stimulation. Too much is just enough for them. Now, a huge chunk of what they focus their lives around has been removed.

I always envied extroverts because they drew energy from other people. I can do that, but only with one or two people at a time. Anything beyond that, and I start feeling drained almost immediately. It makes me out of place in many situations that are totally normal for most other people.

So I feel bad for extroverts right now. I'm kind of their mirror image, and I've struggled with the same feelings they're having right now, just for inverted reasons.

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