Monday, March 16, 2020

Welcome to the New Strange

Well, that was an interesting four days.

On Wednesday afternoon, the University of Michigan went online only. Within the span of about an hour, Eli 18.7s summer study in Geneva and the rock climbing regionals were both cancelled. That night, the major professional sports leagues in America were suspended.

On Thursday, he was notified that he'd been awarded a $3,500 scholarship for the summer program that had been cancelled. Yeah.

Eli wanted to stay on campus, for a while, but the President advised everyone to leave if they were able to, so we're picking him up on Monday. Just trying to get their before someone tests positive and they quarantine a dorm for two weeks.

I'm going to do my best to be entertaining and help take your minds off all this for a few minutes a day, but don't think this isn't scaring me. Anyone who isn't scared at this point is very, very foolish, so if someone tells you this is going to blow over in a month, they are completely misinformed.

In the meantime, a text I sent to Eli after the President's announcement:
U of M statement today, final draft: "We advise all students to return home as soon as possible. First draft: THE ZOMBIES HAVE BROKEN THROUGH OUR DEFENSES. RUN."

He also texted me with what he said was the last NBA highlight of the season (a wicked crossover), and I said the guy had been "filthifized," which totally should be a word.

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