Monday, May 18, 2020

A Change Of Fortune

Normally, we'd be doing something outside every day, no matter the weather.

With one functional leg, though, that's not possible, so we've moved indoors. Yesterday, we did this:

That's Fortune and Glory.

"I think the game is actually setting up the board," I said, as setup time stretched past an hour.

"I only have another twelve pages to read," Eli 18.9 said, thumbing through the rules.

That's how it went. Ninety minutes of setup time, and about an equal length of time to play. The difference, though, is that Eli is really into this kind of meticulous process now, so he basically functioned as both the setup coordinator and the rules expert. Which was great for me, because I could just be a tourist and just enjoy the game.

Basically, you're an adventurer traveling the world in the 1930s, trying to collect and sell ancient artifacts to gain fortune. When you have a certain level of fortune, you win the game.

There are a ton of "B" movie touches and just enough cheesiness, including a CD soundtrack that you can listen to as you play. It's a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Next time, it won't even take us an hour and a half to set up the board. Plus, we'll play the advanced version, because then you get to use a red plastic zeppelin.

Zeppelins are next level.

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