Friday, June 12, 2020

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a powerful read: Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop.

From Scott Gould, and this is an incredible story: Pepsi’s $32 Billion Typo Caused Deadly Riots.

From Wally, and this is excellent: Sri Lank's musical 'choon paan' bread trucks. Honestly, the guy is some kind of wizard: Harry Potter Does the Laundry Here's your zen moment, but with energy: Dog Plays with a Balloon. This is genuinely stunning! Huge mudslide dragging several houses into the sea. Norway. Nothing would surprise me after 2020: Are There Zombie Viruses — Like The 1918 Flu — Thawing In The Permafrost? Some excellent suggestions for learning: My Passion for History – Ancient Greece (Peloponesian Wars). I don't even have words to describe this: One Armed Pushup Flip.

From Steve West, and what a great going rogue moment: How a 'rogue' employee forced NFL, Goodell into new Black Lives Matter stance.

From David Gloier, and this is very strange: Another mysterious radio burst in space is repeating a pattern. This one occurs every 157 days. This is an interesting read: Vicodin, ketamine, and caffeine: The ingredients of a good space pharmacy.

From Phil, and this is incredible: Last Person to Receive a Civil War Pension Dies.

From C. Lee, and it's an excellent look at the tangled procedural web for police discipline: Special Report: How union, Supreme Court shield Minneapolis cops. This is a phenomenal series on shareware: The Shareware Scene, Part 1: The PioneersThe Shareware Scene, Part 2: The Question of Games, and The Shareware Scene, Part 3: The id Boys. This is fascinating: Out-of-Sync ‘Loners’ May Secretly Protect Orderly Swarms. From Japan: Former pro ballplayer details the horrors of COVID-19. A very thoughtful essay: Why We Should Persevere When Life Is Not Fair.

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