Tuesday, September 01, 2020


Tomorrow is our big boy George's last day. 

He's not so big anymore. Time took its toll on him, like it has on all of us. He always protected us. Now we're protecting him.

George has a list of health problems that makes me look like the healthiest person in the world. Severe skin allergies. Diabetes. Kidney disease. 

Through it all, he just got sweeter and sweeter. 

We found out last week, after seeing a lump on his face and having it biopsied, that he has a squamous cell carcinoma. This happens in elderly cats, and it's aggressive. 

To even have a chance of keeping him alive, he'd need major surgery and a partial jaw reconstruction. It would be awful. 

George is fifteen, and he's had a good life. And now we're not going to let him suffer, even though it wrecks me to lose him. 

He's already having trouble eating, because that side of his mouth is swollen, and he's started doing these little twitches that I think signal he's in discomfort. The vet said it will get worse quickly, so I think we're saying goodbye just in time. 

I managed to get a picture yesterday with his face turned. He looks like everything's fine.

George is the best cat I ever had. No one else was even close. 

I'll write a nice eulogy for him, with some pictures, but I just can't do it now. 

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