Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I Watched the PS5 Reveal So You Don't Have To

Honestly, this is the important info:
$499 PS5
$399 Digital Edition PS5 (no disc drive)

Released November 12, mostly (November 19th in UK plus Australia, probably, because Australia always gets screwed)

Long trailers of games that looked an awful lot like a lot of other games. Gameplay that was identical to the last generation, and the one before that. White guy talking, game, white guy talking, game, game, white guy talking. 

You get the idea.

I think one of the real issues for console gaming right now is that it lacks so few voices beyond males of a certain demographic. Without fresh voices, the ideas have just run out. They're making essentially the same games they made a decade ago, and there are no new ideas in the AAA space.

I mean, how many ways can you kill something? Haven't we exhausted the possibilities by now?

Here are a few game titles that are more accurate than the actual titles

Square Enix Presents Crystals Fighting Crystals: Gibberish Unbound. 
[Character quote for box, also inaccurate: "My hair will look realistic if it's the last thing I do."
Spiderman: You Know The Drill
Asshole J.K. Rowling Exhausts Her Only Good Idea
Black Ops: Shooter Oatmeal VII
Capcom Presents Resident Evil VII: Village. At Least It's Marginally More Interesting Than The Rest of This Shit.
Devil May Die of Boredom V
Oddworld Soulstorm: It Wasn't Easy, But We Made It Look Dull
Demon's Souls: Different, We Swear
Deathloop: We Took An Interesting Idea And Did Nothing Interesting With It
God Of War Ragnarok: Hey, I Look Like A Viking now

You get the idea. 

Oh, Sony did announce a new bonus for Playstation Plus members called "Playstation Collection," which is a solid variety of AAA games released in the PS4 era that you can download and play on the PS5 for free (with a PS Plus subscription, of course). 

The most important development in the history of gaming was the democratization of access to distribution on PC. This isn't true of consoles, generally, and it never happens with big developers, but on PC it allows people with actual ideas to make games.

Otherwise, we'd just be playing the same recycled game over and over and over. And it would suck.

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