Monday, October 12, 2020

Pandemic: The Golden Age of Sports Television

I admit, I didn't like it at first. 

Sports with no crowds seemed empty. Soulless. 

I kept watching, though, and after a while, a funny thing happened: I didn't miss the fans. At all. 

There's something about packing large numbers of people in close proximity that turns too many of the into aggro assholes. If they can't come to the stadium? Problem solved.

No racist idiots heckling players. No one yelling catchphrases when golfers tee off. No fights in the stands. 

Best of all, no multiple crowd shots between plays. All action, no distraction.

The NBA playoffs are probably going down as my favorite in history. The basketball normally slows way down in the playoffs, but it didn't this year. Every round was fast and exciting, with fantastic story lines. 

Game Five on Friday night was one of the greatest NBA games I've ever seen, and I've been watching games for over fifty years (ouch). 

Those little digital walls for remote fans that the NBA uses? That's great. That's close enough for me. Fans can contribute to the game that way, but they can't disrupt it. 

This Sunday:
French Open Finals
Women's PGA Championship
NBA Finals
MLB Playoffs
NFL regular season

Honestly, it's been pretty great. It's the one thing I'll miss when the pandemic is over.

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