Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The Hawk

I've talked about Johnny before. He lived two doors down, and was my surrogate father for many years. 

His daughter sent me this on Monday:

I'd mentioned that he was an excellent wood carver (which he didn't start until he was 60). This was a piece that won third prize in a statewide concert. 

I texted back and forth with his daughter after I received the hawk, and found out a few things I never knew about him. 

Remember, he ran a concrete precasting business. 

His daughter said he played the violin in high school and studied art. He wanted to be a portrait artist, but never pursued it (probably because of the war). He also enjoyed the poetry of Robert Lewis Stevenson and Robert Service, along with the stories of Rudyard Kipling. 

A real Renaissance man, in a little South Texas town of 7,302. With my Mom (Master's degree in English) two doors down. Oh, and Johnny's wife Marilyn was super smart as well.

Definitely not what you'd expect to grow up around. I was lucky.

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