Thursday, September 02, 2021

Eli 20.2: Comedian

Across from Eli 20.2 lives a cat named Henry. 

Henry is a neighborhood treasure. When he sees you, he immediately starts walking over for serious petting. Everyone pets Henry, and seeing him in his driveway is always a happy moment for me, because I know within seconds he'll be walking over. 

Everyone loves Henry. Almost. 

There's an older woman in the neighborhood, a few doors down, and Henry occasionally poops in her yard. This has infuriated her to the point where she's threatened to call Animal Control if it happens again. 

That's not really how things are handled around here, particularly in that neighborhood. More likely is that the woman would have baked a basket of treats to take to Henry's owner and mention, in the mildest possible terms, that he's going toilet in her yard. 

The woman's threat means that Henry might become an indoor cat, and there would be no pets and scratches anymore. 

As Henry is a colorful local character, the neighbors are rising in his defense. And since Henry's "brother" is Eli's best friend, he's mounting his own effort, which consists of this:

Yard signs are being printed. I'm considering getting a t-shirt. That black and white really pops. 

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