Monday, August 30, 2021


There's an interesting article over at RPS today about Wartales
Wartales is mercenary management with Joe Abercrombie vibes, and some surprisingly rough wolf fights.

It's about to hit Early Access, and there's a very early demo available, and boy, the demo is really my style. It's slower paced, there's lots of exploration, the fights are turn-based, and visually it somehow reminds me of Darklands.

It's definitely not Battle Brothers, in case you're wondering, because I've played BB plenty, and it's a much faster-paced game than Wartales. It's measured, and it has much more of a role-playing feel in that you'll struggle to earn enough gold to pay your company their wages. Scraping by, as it were, which feels much more authentic. 

Oh, and the people making this game made Northgard. Strong pedigree there. 

You can find the demo here, if you're interested. It seems to have enormous potential. 

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