Monday, January 31, 2005

Level Five

Thanks to DQ reader Ian Pottmeyer for this story:
In response to your Walgreens story about the roll of pennies...

When I was getting my undergrad degree, I was in my college's Concert Choir. And, as college choirs are wont to do, we were on tour. We were on our way to Boston from Columbus, OH, and lunchtime rolled around. At the next reasonable exit with a few fast-food places, we pulled in, and the crowd dispersed from the bus to the various restaurants. Burger King was closest to the bus, so the vast majority of us went there.

I suppose our choir was a bit large, or at least looked like it. Because upon entering the BK, the manager stopped and looked at us all like a deer in headlights. She then turned around to her workers, and screamed:


It became the catch-phrase of the rest of the tour.

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