Monday, January 31, 2005

Rescue Heroes

Eli 3.6 has started watching a cartoon called "Rescue Heroes." Here's a description from
Based on the best-selling action figures from the Fisher Price division of Mattel, Rescue Heroes is an animated adventure show featuring a daring team of emergency response professionals ready and willing to race to trouble spots all over the world. Equipped with the latest information and cutting-edge technology, they put themselves in the "line of fire" to protect innocent civilians whose lives are in danger.

Here's a list of character names:
William "Billy" Blazes
Wendy Waters
Jake Justice, Richmond "Rocky" Canyon
Ariel Flyer
Jack Hammer
Roger Houston

There are quite a few more, but your forehead's probably already bloody from pounding it against your desk. Oh, what the hell--here's a few more:
Sandy Beach
Maureen Biologist
Perry Shute
Hal E. Copter

I don't care what anybody says: "Maureen Biologist" is the greatest cartoon character name ever. If my last name was "Biologist," I'd be willing to have a daughter just so I could name her "Maureen."

There has never been a more perfect match between cartoon and kid than with Rescue Heroes and Eli 3.6. The shows are dramatic but not scary, and Eli is totally worshipful of fireman and rescue-type people, so he is absolutely thrilled.

Saturday night he put on a yellow-plastic construction hat (party favor) and I scrounged up an old headset that I wasn't using anymore. He put on the headset along with the hat and, son of a gun, he looked just like one of the characters in the cartoon. Then he started playing the character, although with his usual 3.6 grasp of language, he mangled some of the dialogue. So he was running around the house saying "I am NOT giving up, and neither am I!"

This line was quite a hit at the Pancake House on Sunday morning, which he went to in full rescue gear.

I'll try to get a picture up later. Maybe he'll even use his "heroic gaze" for the photo.

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