Sunday, May 08, 2005

Blitz: The League

Well, this is one of the funniest game trailers I've ever seen:

Watch the in-game video. The other video is an interview with a designer who had one minute of things to say and spent ten minutes saying them.

And if you're lazy, here's what you would have seen in the video: a doctor shooting up an injured player on the sideline so that he get back in the game, a linebacker intentionally taking out a quarterback at the knees (with a "live" x-ray of his leg breaking when it happens), trash talking, clothesline hits.

Heard enough?

Here is the other shoe dropping for the NFL. They let EA scratch them a huge check to screw every other developer of pro football games. No problem, right? Well, not exactly. The NFLPA/NFL used to use the carrot of licensing the authentic players/stadiums to exercise some degree of content control. They had a stick. Now, though, with the carrot gone, so is the stick, and even if Midway uses "fictional" teams like the Dallas Wranglers instead of the Dallas Cowboys, nobody's going to think for a second that they're not portraying the NFL. Midway is going to go wild sensationalizing every sordid aspect of pro football.


Buy it? Of course I will. I'm buying every unlicensed pro football game that comes out, even if it's complete crap. I want all of those games to sell big. The only game I won't be buying is Madden. I've got Gamefly for that.

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