Thursday, May 12, 2005

E3 Coverage: In HD!

I've always thought that there was going to be a problem getting consumers excited about high-definition consoles when they couldn't see them in high definition. So I'm very happy to let you know about this (from Shacknews):
We're happy and proud to announce that is the only website on the net announcing extended 720p HD video coverage available of E3 2005. Featuring brand new footage of games and interviews with the developers at the show. This first for E3 is being made possible with the generous support and cooperation of a number of different companies.

That's outstanding. It will let us all see how spectacular HD gaming can be.

I also believe that the one mistake Microsoft is making with the launch tonight is that it's not also available in HD. They should be simulcasting in HD on an HD channel (Mark Cuban's HDNet would have been a good choice). Other than that, though, they've done an excellent job. I just hope we get some meat tonight instead of a few videos and a bunch of celebrity crap.

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