Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Face

I went out to dinner with Gloria last Friday night.

While we were eating, I saw a woman at the table next to us, engaged in conversation with her date.

She was The Face.

You know The Face. You probably dated her. She responds to conversation like she's in the finals of the International Mime Championships. Her face is Stretch Armstrong, and it contorts to incredible proportions.

Tell her she looks "nice" and her smile can knock over a glass of water at table level.

Another feature of The Face are the gigantic, basketball-sized eyes, with pupils the size of a saucer. They will be amazed by everything you say and open wide with delight. Meanwhile, you'll be idly wondering if her contact lenses are on emergency standby as replacement parts for the Hubble Telescope.

There might be ways to find out the answer to that question, but asking her is not one of them.

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