Wednesday, July 12, 2006

NCAA 2007: The Extra Mode

One of my favorite play modes of NCAA isn't actually in the game. It's called Get It Early and it's a craze every year. There's a thread over at Operation Sports that's 40 pages long (replacing an earlier thread that had grown over 20) devoted just to guys reporting where they tried to get the game (the street date is next Tuesday). And at least a handful (less than half a dozen) have been successful.

Last year, CompUSA broke the street date a week early by mistake, and it started a feeding frenzy. I have to admit, the idea of getting the game nearly a week early is pretty enticing, but I've never had any luck.

So tonight, there are two posts indicating that a Best Buy in Waco is selling it early--both the PS2 AND 360 versions have been purchased.

Waco: 100 miles from Austin. 90, really, from my house. There's an interstate one mile from my house that goes straight to Waco. Oh, and Gloria and Eli 4.11 left for the summer Shreveport trip today (the one I don't have to go on anymore).

If I did drive up there, though, I'd get up to the register with the game, the manager would walk up, and he'd say "Hey! The street date on that is the 18th!" Guaranteed. So I'm not driving up there in the morning, but man, am I tempted.

Most creative attempt to get the game: a guy who said he printed out Web pages from various sites, changed the release date on the page via Photoshop, then used the page to try and convince stores that the game was already available. +10 for cleverness. Didn't work, but very clever.

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