Thursday, August 18, 2022

A Quality Breed

We were somewhere, doing something. Talking constantly about random things, like we always do. 

"Which dog breed is the alpha?" I asked. 

"What's the biggest dog?" Eli 20.0 asked.

"The most alpha dog is the chihuahua," I said.

"What?" Eli asked, laughing. "Explain."

"Think about it," I said. "A chihuahua receives all the perks of being a dog--walks, meals, treats, petting, cuddles--and is only a fraction of the size of bigger dogs. If you're looking at power to weight ratio, no dog is more powerful than a chihuahua."

"That's persuasive," Eli said. 

"In football terms, chihuahuas are students of the game," I said. 

Also: spelling "chihuahua" multiple times is a giant pain the ass. No chihuahua's will be written about in the future. 

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