Monday, July 19, 2004

I Have this Other Disease

It's called VCAS, or Video Card Acquisition Syndrome. I'm sure you're familiar with that disease, even if you're not similarly afflicted. There is no known cure.
In the case of the Radeon X800XT-PE, it's been an interesting two months. That's how long I've been trying to get one. They are unbelievably rare. They are also unbelievably fast, which is why I've kept trying. I've been within five minutes of ordering a card while it was in stock on three separate occasions, and missed out each time.
Today I was scanning the forums, which is where you'll find a frantic "IT'S IN STOCK AT XYZ!" posting whenever anybody finds one, and this time it was New Egg. I got very lucky and read the message six minutes after it was originally posted. Within another three minutes, I had one ordered (still in stock). Nineteen minutes later--out of stock. Incredible.
This is the highest demand I've ever seen for a video card, even higher than when the Voodoo 2 was originally introduced and we were all scrounging around for a second card to run it in SLI mode.
I might wind up getting ESPN NFL 2K5 and the X800XT-PE on the same day. That would definitely, absolutely not suck.

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