Friday, July 16, 2004

Logitech Dual Action Gamepad: Now With Improved Piece of Crapness!

Electronic Arts has this licensing deal with Satan where they only support a very limited number of gamepads in their sports games. They sense what gamepads you already own, and none of those gamepads will be supported. Instead, they'll list about eight gamepads you don't own and demand that you buy one.

Yes, you can muck about in your registry and fix that, but I usually only muck about in extreme circumstances.

So when MVP came out this year, of course none of my gamepads were supported, and I decided to buy a Logitech Dual Action. It's about as close to a counterfeit PS2 Dual Shock controller as anything that could possibly be made, and I like the Dual Shock, so I bought it, even though it felt like it was made out of balsa wood.

That balsa wood comment, clearly, is foreshadowing.

After a few weeks, the Dual Action started losing calibration. I was able to recalibrate a few times, then it stopped working entirely. I started digging around in the newsgroups and found out that roughly two billion people have had this same problem. If you're wondering, the population of India is roughly one billion people, so we're talking about a problem twice the size of India.

I took the cursed controller in and exchanged it for another unit. Allegedly, the new Logitech Dual Action controllers (the special 'EA' edition) didn't have the problem. I've had it for about three weeks and noticed last night that all my runners were sliding headfirst into first base. Even on balls hit to the wall. Hmm. That's not good. So I go into Windows and check out the calibration, which is all $*#@ed up. Again.

At that point, I begin conducting drop tests to see how far the controller will rebound when dropped from a great height. I'm not saying you'll get these kind of results, because I'm a professional, but from a 9' height I got an 18" rebound after some practice drops. I think I heard it scream in pain, but that may have just been wishful thinking.

Today I went and bought a Saitek P880. It doesn't feel quite as comfortable in my hands, but the D-pad actually accepts input correctly, and the rare baserunner I get in MVP doesn't have brain damage.

Logitech Dual Action. Consider yourself warned. 

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